Rohen Fire Alarm Systems

Rohen sells, services, installs and maintains fire alarm systems and related components for Greater Toronto Area businesses. Read our blog post on "The Importance of a Fire Alarm Maintenance Checklist" here.

Provincial and municipal fire codes in the Greater Toronto Area dictate specific mandatory maintenance and inspections for your fire alarms and other fire safety equipment. Rohen can relieve you of another administrative task by ensuring that your properties undergo all necessary maintenance and inspections timely and compliant with applicable codes. 

Applicable codes may include:

  • CAN/ULC-S536
  • CAN/ULC-S537
  • CAN/ULC-S524
  • Ontario Electrical Safety Code
  • Ontario Building Code

Features & benefits include:

  • Customized fire alarm systems & servicing packages.
  • Reduced exposure to non-compliance fees and penalties.
  • Increased safety for properties and personnel.
  • Fire alarm maintenance, testing & education.
  • We'll provide inspection reports for your records, including feedback on any areas of deficiency.
  • We'll keep track of all mandatory servicing deadlines & requirements.

For facility and property management professionals who have enough on their plates, outsourcing your fire alarm systems maintenance can give you an extra layer of protection from threats to safety and risk of non-compliance.

If you want to cut corners on administrative tasks - but not safety and compliance - you may be interested in downloading our smoke alarm maintenance template. Get it here:

Rohen Smoke Alarm Maintenance Template