Rohen Emergency Lighting for Fire Exits

Rohen sells, installs, inspects, and repairs emergency lighting equipment for Greater Toronto Area businesses. Exit signage and emergency lights are not the first thing that come to mind when most people think about fire safety protection. But in the event of a fire or other emergency, they are critical for the safe evacuation of building occupants.

Ontario fire code dictates specific mandatory inspections for your emergency lighting system and its components. Rest assured that you will be in compliance and have working emergency lights when you need them with monthly and annual inspections from Rohen.

Related products include:

  • Emergency lighting units
  • Combination exit/emergency lighting units
  • LED exit sign bulbs and strips
  • Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs for emergency signs
  • Weatherproof units
  • Power-free self-luminous exit signage
  • Bilingual / multilingual exit signs
  • Remote lighting heads
  • Decorative exit signs and lighting heads
  • Recessed, remote emergency lighting heads
  • Protective cages for lighting
  • Backup generator systems
  • Regular, wet condition, industrial grade & hazardous environment lighting

Features & benefits include:

  • Customized units & servicing packages to meet your needs.
  • Reduced exposure to non-compliance fees and penalties.
  • Increased safety for properties and personnel.
  • Simple testing process that will not interfere with your business activities.
  • We'll provide inspection reports for your records, including feedback on any areas of deficiency.
  • We'll keep track of all mandatory servicing deadlines & requirements.

Emergency lighting is the unpopular sister of fire safety equipment. You've probably watched videos and undergone training on fire extinguishers and fire alarms, but what do you know about fire exit lighting?

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