Rohen Fire Extinguishers & Fire Hoses

Rohen sells, services, installs and maintains fire extinguishers and fire hoses for Greater Toronto Area businesses.

We offer a range of quality fire extinguishers:

  • All classes
  • Different sizes of hoses
  • For commercial purposes
  • For residential use (condominiums, apartment buildings, nursing homes)
  • For schools, hospitals, and municipal buildings
  • For industrial applications
  • For restaurant use

Fire codes in the Toronto area dictate specific mandatory maintenance for your fire safety equipment, including extinguishers. Rohen can relieve you of a recurring administrative task by ensuring that your fire equipment undergoes all necessary maintenance and inspection timely and compliant with applicable codes. 

Features & benefits include:

  • Customized fire extinguisher & servicing packages.
  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual inspections.
  • Recharging, repairs, testing & replacement of fire extinguishers.
  • Fire extinguisher training.
  • Reduced exposure to non-compliance fees and penalties.
  • Increased safety for properties and personnel.
  • We'll provide inspection reports for your records, including feedback on any areas of deficiency.
  • We'll keep track of all mandatory servicing deadlines & requirements.

For facility and property management professionals, outsourcing your fire extinguisher maintenance can simplify your "to-do" list and increase your compliance.

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